The American Worker Customers

Companies With Hourly Workers Need A Full-Service Benefits Solution

Companies and their producers want to do the right thing for their hourly workers, providing them with quality medical and supplemental health benefits. At the same time, you have to ensure you’re complying with government mandates – and all without wrecking your budget. The America Worker empowers you with tools and products that allow you to take care of both workers and your business.

Our Customers:


Your benefits start here. We will set you up with a personal benefits package that is easy to use. You’re a hourly worker with a full-time life. Get the coverage you need.


You need a stable, supportive, fully integrated system that provides insurance for hourly workers without making your job more complicated. Plug it into payroll, and we do the rest.


We provide ready-made solutions for hourly employees, by way of customized plans from top national carriers. Our producer support helps you keep your clients happy and that makes us happy.